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This is in respond to the person going around posting untruthful stories about Bruce Hovland.

The persons real name is not Lynn, thats his first *** in this post. Here is the true story about how all this got started. Bruce never stole anything from this man. He did legally attain his property after over 3 years of sitting on his lot. John spent over 8 years in jail once he was finally brought to justice, got in trouble again and is posting this stuff internationally. Please do not let this one man's lies sway you in any way.

Here is the true story of what type of person John is and a large part of why he spent so much time in prison.


Review about: Honest Man.

Bruce Hovland, Ripoff . *** Man : Home Improvement Source.

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Bruce Hovland, Ripoff . *** Man : Home Improvement Source.

Bruce Hovland was run out of Naples Fl after bankrupting several businesses.

Bruce claims on his site

"operated several service related businesses in my career and know the importance of customer service."

One of those businesses was a Boat Storage business where I had my boat. Without my being late on any payment "˜ Bruce filed for title to my boat (which is easy to do in Florida if you own a storage co.) and sold it right before going out of business and leaving town. He stole more than 50 thousand Dollars from just me.. He did this to many people before skipping town. He had no experience in construction or design when leaving Naples. He did my landscaping and took care of my boat.

After Bruce ran off owing a lot of people I talked to a mechanic that worked at his boat repair shop located within the storage area and he informed me it was common practice for Bruce to steal good parts off of boats in the storage and exchange them with bad parts keeping a thriving repair business on all sides. .

Bruce has been arrested 7 times in Florida.

He even ripped the graphic on his website from the

Johnny Bravo cartoon.

It took me a lot of years to find Mr. Hovland but now that I have I will share any info I have with you.

Bruce Hovland, founder of the Home Improvement Source. 800-526-2450

located at 30333 US 19 N. in Clearwater, Fl.


Owner at Home Improvement Source

Tampa /St. Petersburg /Clearwater, Florida Area


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